Fraktal Creative LLC Terms

According to the Bangladesh Code of Law and the rules promulgated thereunder and the regulations of other statutes relating to electronic records amended, this document is indeed an electronic record.


There is no need for someone to physically or digitally sign this electronic record because a computer generated it.


Before using the Platform or using the Services (as defined below) provided via the Platform, the Company asks that the User read these terms and conditions (“Agreement”  or  “TOS” “Terms” or “Terms of Usage”) carefully.


By continuing to access or use the System or the Services, User unalterably and unconditionally agrees to comply with, obey by, and be bound by all obligations as specified in this TOS, as well as our privacy policy accessible at (“Privacy Policy”) & any additional practices represent herein or made accessible on the Platform (generally referred as “Terms and Conditions”).


The relationship between the Company and the User concerning the use of the Platform shall be governed by the ”Terms and Conditions.”  These ”Terms and Conditions” constitute the whole agreement between the Company and the User and take precedence over all prior communications between the parties, whether oral or written.




  1. Definitions


Fraktal Creative LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries are collectively referred to herein as the “Company,” “we,” “Fraktal Creative LLC,” “us,” or “our.”


The services offered on the Platform are referred to as “Service(s)” and are defined in further depth here. The Company has the right to alter the Services offered through the Site at any moment and without prior notice.


Any individual or organization that browses the Site and/or uses the Services on the Website, and any of its authorized affiliates or  representatives, is referred to herein as a “User”; or “You.”


Any registered user of our Creator Portal who intends to provide Customers with Services through the Platform is referred to herein as a “Creator.”


“Customer” refers to any User who requests to use the Services via the Website.


  1. Terms and Conditions Update


We reserve the right to modify, adapt, update, or rewrite the ”Terms and Conditions” governing your use of the Service at any time, regardless of your prior notification.


  1. Service (s) provided to Users


Our Platform is designed to fulfill all your content needs while supplying you with one-of-a-kind and entirely original material.


Our services comprise assisting you in developing a solid content strategy, selecting material per the requirements specified by the client, and providing a dynamic and consistent flow of content in response to particular requests.


  1. Account Registration


You may sign up either for yourself (Account) or even on behalf of a business (Enterprise Account). To participate in any activity, however, you must be above the age of eighteen (18). If you sign up for an Enterprise Account, we’ll be legally obligated to work with your business. The appointed SuperAdmin will create individual accounts for each authorized member.


True information is required while creating a personal account. In any event, it is your exclusive responsibility to establish and maintain the security of the account credentials and online behavior.


It’ll be assumed that you’ve accessed the Platform using the credentials if you utilize them to log in. You must inform us promptly of any unauthorized use or suspicion of harmful behavior.


  1. Fees


You acknowledge that the Company may charge you fees for the Services it provides via the Website. The Company will accept a wide variety of payment options. However, you should know that any payments you make are final and cannot be refunded.


  1. Please Refer to Our Return Policy


Please refer to our Return policy page for details.


  1. Use of Information and Content Displayed on the Platform


  1. You should only provide information that you own or possess the rights to use per our ”Privacy Policy and Applicable Law.”


  1. We reserve the right to retain, remove, or destroy all materials or information provided or uploaded through our Services and Platform as outlined in our rules.


  1. You consent to us retaining your data and disclosing it in the event of legal procedures or to meet statutory or governmental requirements.


  1. Non-circumvention


Applicable to Customer:


Applicable to Creator:


As Creator, you commit to never making any contact with or communicating with the Customer again. When you are given payment by a means other than the Website, you must immediately notify the Company.


  1. Rules and Conduct


The Terms of Service prohibit any use of the Services except for your personal, noncommercial usage (TOS). From time to time, we might institute new regulations or guidelines in this area.


It is strictly forbidden for you to do anything that goes against the Company’s information, data, or standards, such as impersonating another person or exposing minors to explicit material.


  1. Company and User Materials


Content in either form, including but not limited to visual, aural, spoken, and written, is collectively referred to as “Company Materials.” These are confidential and should not be disclosed to anybody without the Company’s express permission.


A violation of this provision would result in severe economic harm to the Company. Only Users with appropriate restricted rights are therefore authorized to make internal, noncommercial use of Company Materials.


  1. Modification


We reserve the right to update, modify, or rectify the Website (in its whole or to a certain degree), as well as any of its  Content or Services, at any time and without providing you with any previous notice of these alterations.



  1. Support


Send an email to our support staff at if you have any questions.