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Most of our writers are undergraduate students. We are a team of driven learners. This is reflected in our content research and insight pieces. Our primary role is to bring traffic to your website organically to increase conversions. Meanwhile, our staff learns the art of Big Data analytics, SEO and Content Marketing!

Our Shared Love for Writing

If there was one thing in common between everyone at Fraktal Creative LLC, it would be our shared love for great content. Our team consists predominantly of young minds with fresh, innovative ideas; and they are ready to take your website to the next level.

Sure there are many content writing services out there, but our services span a full 360-degree. At Fraktal Creative LLC, our primary focus is our clients. The process includes taking adequate time to thoroughly go over your requirements that will help us devise the best strategy with which we can serve you.

As a creative agency, we work in close association with clients. To us, you are more than a customer; you are our valued partner. We are powered by our strong dedication to deliver the best of our skills and knowledge.

With over 1.2 million words of value added to the Internet per month, Fraktal Creative LLC features a myriad of projects ranging from simple informational contents to complex, technical pieces.

We have successfully served a number of national and global companies and we are hoping you will be the next.

The Visionary Behind Fraktal Creative LLC

All great stories start with a writer who has an amazing idea and the immense desire to bring that idea to life. The journey of Fraktal Creative LLC started through the sole efforts of one man who was driven by his passion for writing. Armed with real-world knowledge of the content industry and brilliant articulation prowess, he started this organization.

Based in Bangladesh, he hand-picked a team of writers and editors who he trained to achieve the company’s primary goal – creating content that makes a difference.

Our Favorite Tool



Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services.

The answer is relatively simple. Think of what you do to convince someone. More often than not, this sector's choice is somewhat limited as only a few shops might sell your services.


Unlike physical stores, customers can leave your website only moments after they have entered it. You are just another webpage opened in one of the many tabs on their device's Internet browser.

Content is a powerful tool that helps maintain traffic on your page. If the writing fails to compel and influence, make no mistakes, and the visitors will not stick around.


Quality content helps establish you apart from the crowd. Interestingly enough, most websites do not do a great job of communicating. Good communication draws the line between purchase and exit.

We house a team of specialized content writers to provide us with quality content. A few content writing services outsource their work to cheaper vendors, which can negatively affect the writing standard. All our content is crafted in-house.

It is, at least to our best knowledge. We strongly believe that no writer with a shred of dignity will plagiarize as by doing so, they are undervaluing their work and appreciating someone else's.


We take pride in not only offering plagiarism-free, using a mix of Grammarly, Quetext, and Copyscape. Our content will surely be a traffic magnet to help you build good relationships with your potential customers.


But what qualifies as original and unique?


Our writers often have to utilize data from multiple sources. However, this does not fall under plagiarism as long as they use original language and the information is outlined uniquely.


If you have an issue with us using information from secondary websites and want specific data to be used, you will have to provide that data.

Totally! You are given exclusive copyright when we submit the document and the payment is completed. After that, it is up to you what you do with the content. Change, distribute, or delete it entirely – that's your call.

No. They have practiced English in their professional and personal lives so much that they have become proficient enough to call it a second language.


All our content submissions are in English, the language in which we conduct our business.

We see no reason not to! By all means, go ahead and get a native English-speaking content writer.


However, we believe your birth does not have much to do with this. Superior command over a language comes from good practice and effort. A writer can fail to write convincingly and compellingly in their mother language.


Language, like many other tools in today's world, can make an impact if used correctly. The ability to express themselves literarily is not influenced much by language. A writer must be comfortable using the language to a certain extent to write fluently.


Once that level is reached, it doesn't matter whether the language was your mother language or something you picked up over time.


Now, this is where you may consider reaching out to Fraktal Creative LLC. Our non-native writers are well-versed in expressing their thoughts through their writing in English.

At Fraktal Creative LLC, we offer unlimited edits on your article. Send it back as often as you want (with reasonable requirements, of course), and we will edit it until it meets your expectations.

Our writers solely rely on references to derive ideas. From there on, they write independently using their creative thinking. Consequently, our editors run thorough plagiarism checks on reliable software to ensure every piece of content you get is 100% original.

At Fraktal Creative LLC, our writers have years of experience creating SEO-friendly content. They are also well-versed in SEO tools such as SurferSEO and Yoast.


If there is any software, in particular, you would like us to run the article through before submitting it, let us know beforehand.

The process is simple.

  1. You can simply place an order from the Pricing page of our website. Contact us to make a custom request if our packages don't fit your needs.

  2. You tell us your content blueprint, or we strategize one together.

  3. Once we have received and/or created all materials, we forward those them to a competent writer on our team.

  4. Our editorial team checks it once the writer sends it in.

  5. We conduct a final quality check and send you the final deliverable.

  6. If needed, we make as many revisions as you want till you are satisfied with our work.

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