Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?
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Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?

Perhaps you are new site owner looking to boost your site’s popularity or maybe you have been in the business long enough and are worried about a drastic fall in website ranking; this article is for all of you. Google is unpredictable; heck no, the Internet is. Living in a time where technology has rendered its users access to endless transmissions of information, attention is fickle and the ways of gaining it, ever-changing. So, how to get noticed? More specifically, why Isn’t your website ranking on google?

Keyword Research is more important than you think

It is commonly believed that popular short keywords are the best bet when it comes to attracting viewers. Website owners tend to design their content based on high volume keywords, even attaching links on these keywords to other content which can be accessed on the same website, their own. However, these only result in lesser traffic since there are so many sites using the same keywords; your site is less likely to be conspicuous among the thousands.

Instead of vying for high volume, short tail keywords you may opt for longer and more distinct phrases or keywords. Top site audits now agree that especially for new sites, the best bet is to focus on targeted traffic instead of general traffic.

You need QUALITY Content!

Or perhaps, it is your content itself that needs work. Despite all you may do to attract viewers, if they are not interested in what you have to offer, they are not coming back for more. Now more than ever, producing high-quality content is a must since Google’s Panda algorithm has been released which monitors the quality of its sites, banning those with low-value content. In order to survive as well as attract more viewers, revise what you are putting up online for Google and its users to see.

Big Brothers Need to Vouch for You

Another great way of getting higher rankings on Google is by using those sites which are already high up on the list. A good tip for the new kids on the street: you can never have too many inbound links. When you are being hyperlinked and vouched for by popular and trusted sites, viewers are more likely to click on these links than on one offered from the search engine. Remember, viewers are more loyal to Google’s sites than to Google itself.

Content is, indeed, King

Although there are countless ways of reaching higher rankings, the best way to get noticed is by doing it the natural way. Publish great content, stand out in terms of keywords and seek recommendations from other sites. You will be okay!


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