Voice Search Will Make Almost 50% Of All Online Searches In 2020
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Voice Search Will Make Almost 50% Of All Online Searches In 2020

Technology is constantly evolving, making our lives easier in every possible way. The latest futuristic technology added in the online world is Voice Search. It was first introduced in 2012, and gradually, it took over the online market. It is predicted that voice search will make up almost 50% of all online searches in 2020.

Voice search lets you search for anything online almost four times faster. This is because, when using voice search, you don’t have to take a break from your chores. You can easily search for anything online while cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry.

Thus, voice search amenities are bringing a revolution in online searches. From last year’s Voice Search usage rate, you can get very explicit evidence of why it is projected to become one of the biggest trends in 2020:

  • Almost 40% of the online business consumers used voice search for online purchases last year.
  • Almost 53% of the online business consumers used voice search on a daily basis during the past year.
  • Nearly 70% of people used voice search last year to search for directions.
  • Around 44% of people used voice search last year to conduct additional research before purchasing online.
  • Almost 65% of people said that they prefer voice search for its faster service features.

Why Online Users Are Leaning Towards Voice Search Technology

From the above percentages, it is clear that a large number of people’s preference is gradually leaning towards the voice search technology. One obvious reason is that around 70% of the world’s population now own smartphones with this technology. Let’s look at a few other key factors that are expanding voice search usage.

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1. Voice Search Allows Multitasking.

In this current time, people remain constantly busy or a-going. Voice search is a blessing for those working people as it enables them to search for anything online without pausing their other work. Even without the trouble of opening the laptop or typing the queries on the mobile phone, you can just search for anything by voicing a question to your device. Thus, it enables individuals to engage in multitasking.

2. Voice Search Makes Online Searching Easier And Faster

Voice Search enables a hands-free search, which guarantees a smooth search experience since your fingers won’t need to move even a tad bit to type your queries. Also, voice search gives you a faster search experience. People can process about 100 words per minute using voice search, while, at the same time, they can only type in 25-30 words in a minute. As people can search faster, they get their desired answer faster as well.

3. Voice Search Brings Accurate Results.

Even if you do not know the accurate spelling of the words you need to search, you can find your desired answer through a voice search. Voice search brings accurate answers listening to your verbal queries. As a result, knowing or recalling the correct spelling is no longer a matter of worry if you are using a voice search. Apart from knowing the correct spelling, if you can only pronounce the nearest elocutions, you can easily find the results you are looking for.

4. Voice Search Makes It Easy For Illiterate People To Search Online.

Voice Search comes with multiple language availability that enables people of any tongue to find the things they need online. Hence, there is no need to know any specific language to utilize voice search. Again, if any individual doesn’t know how to write or type, they can access the internet only through voice search. In this way, voice search enables people who are illiterate, physically handicapped or otherwise unable to use a device for searching things online can benefit from this technology.

5. Voice Search Enables Visually Impaired People To Access The Internet. 

With the blessing of voice search, people with vision impairments can finally leverage the wonders of the online world. This is one of the major turning points for visually impaired individuals because looking up things on the internet used to be much more complex for them. Now, people with vision impairments can search for anything online, simply by speaking to their device. They can research any product and purchase it online on their own now.

Some Tips for Optimizing Voice Search 

Optimizing voice search is not just a marketing strategy anymore, it has become a prerequisite for sustaining your company’s worth among your target consumers. People who are preparing to optimize voice search can learn some important tips form this article.

1. Learn The Official Optimization Guides 

Learn the guidelines first to figure out the best ways to optimize voice search. This is an important initial step because there are separate guidelines for voice search optimization on different devices. For instance, Apple has a much different methodology than Google

2. Focus On Conversational Questions For Content

While searching through voice search, people do not utter any keywords, rather they ask a full-fledged question. So, you need to focus on conversational questions that your target audience are likely to ask.

3. Emphasis On Long-Tail Keywords

We’ve already learned that people use conversational language when they use voice search, which makes long-tail keywords a must. So, you must estimate and collect all the relevant long-tail keywords close to your service or product.

4. Optimize ‘My Business’ Listing.

Optimizeing Google ‘My Business’ listing provides a great way to keep your business information up-to-date, including your business name, business hours, address and more. This will increase the likelihood of your organization appearing in the top results whenever a pertinent voice search is conducted.

In conclusion, voice search technology assures greater productivity for any e-commerce business. Since there is no use of typing, it allows almost everyone to access the Internet, including illiterate and even blind people. It is also very easy to adopt and use, and so, it is very likely that voice search will take over online searching practices in 2020.

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