Adapting SEO for COVID-19 and Beyond
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Adapting SEO for COVID-19 and Beyond

Businesses need to be able to have some foresight and keep an eye out for any future opportunities or, even more importantly, any potential risks that might rear its ugly head in the future. Having said that, it is safe to say that no one could have probably guessed that a disease like COVID-19 would affect the work this badly.Well, it did; what do you do now? Let’s get one thing straight right away: this crisis has impacted different businesses in different ways. If you are a necessities manufacturer like that of toilet paper and baby food, you might have seen a spike in traffic. However, if you are a luxury product brand, your sales may have come down and continue to do so for a while. What does this mean for SEO? What will become of your online business amidst one of the biggest humanitarian crises in history? We give you a break down on exactly that. 

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What Does This Mean For Marketing And SEO?

Adapting SEO for COVID-19 and Beyond

At this point in time, it is very important for you to have some self-awareness regarding your brand. You need to figure out what your business offers and how it all fits in today’s market.

In other words, are you an essential business or a non-essential business? Depending on that, you will need to update your online presence to reflect that. We aren’t saying that you need to put a large banner on the top of your site saying ‘We are non-essential’, No! 

But know how to act appropriately and update your websites and Google listings to reflect that. A lot of transactions might shift to a purely online-only state. So, make sure your marketing channels are optimized for that. Ensuring that your SEO and marketing strategies reflect this shift is crucial.

Take Advantage When Your Competitors Aren’t 

Adapting SEO for COVID-19 and Beyond
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To minimize risk and ensure that companies can prepare for worse times to come, companies across all industries have stopped excessive spending on marketing, promotions, and SEO.

What does this mean for you and your business? 

It means you have a higher chance to gather more market share and garner more attention for yourself. Double down on your marketing efforts and do more corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that may help the crisis and bring value for your brand equity. In simple words, achieve priceless brand awareness.

It is clear that the SEO scenario amidst the COVID-19 outbreak will be horrific for some businesses. Some will go bankrupt; some may even be bailed out by the government. 

Whatever the case might be, if you happen to be fortunate enough to be sitting on some cash, a good strategy might be to double down on your efforts while being very strategic about your actions. 

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Keep An Eye Out For Search Behaviors 

Adapting SEO for COVID-19 and Beyond
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During the crisis, your target consumers’ search and buying patterns might change drastically. Search trends will reflect the said changes and patterns. Ensure that you are keeping an eye out for that and take a measurable strategic approach to tackle that.

If you are an essentials manufacturer, as mentioned before, you must have seen your search traffic sky-rocket. But if you are in the luxury space, then the scene may not have been that rosy. Keep a close eye on the current trends and plan ahead; think about what you can do from a business standpoint. 

News media, finances, and food products have witnessed a great rise in traffic in these times. If you are already in this space, then all power to you. If not, a great option would be to buy out attention, which is to say acquiring media sites, because media sites have arguably seen the greatest spike in traffic.

Controlling your media voice and exposure is always a good investment in the long run. You can share information with media and news sites, which will definitely add great value.  

Prepare For The Short-Term But Think Long-Term

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Given the nature of SEO, it is not always possible to change the short-term priorities, but over a longer period of time, it can. That is why you should play the long game. Invest in and produce content and campaigns that are top-of-the-mind funnels, which can bring potential customers back to your business afterward.

Although no one can really tell when the COVID-19 situation will blow over, this strategy will pay off greatly when things are back to normal. You can create mind share with top-of-mind strategies and bring your target audience back to a stage where they will be actively considering your products when making a purchase. 

This Period Is Crucial For Your Brand Equity

How brands behave and make use of the situation now will dictate how the customers see them for a long time to come. It goes without saying that you really should not be taking advantage of the whole situation. That really wouldn’t be in good taste. 

So, before we talk about the SEO scene in this COVID-19 pandemic, let’s make it clear that it will not help your brand equity to make a quick buck. That would be a short-sighted strategy and very damaging to your brand in the long term.

Instead, you can create helpful content answering some of the questions that most of the people are asking, like how coronavirus spreads, or what to do to avoid being infected with the coronavirus.

These types of content can boost your discoverability as they are now trending and bring more eyes to your brand.

You can even create a YouTube video showing how your company is tackling the virus and what it is doing to help the crisis.

What Tools Can You Use?

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If you are a news publisher or want to dabble in the field, a great tool called NewzDash can give you the most from your SEO efforts. The tool can mainly help you track all the new trends and guide you on how you can be more discoverable based on those considerations.

But the tool shouldn’t just be used for the short run; a great tool like NewzDash can help you analyze trends and keywords to make better business and new SEO decisions in the future as well. You can optimize your news stories to ensure that you are more discoverable to your existing audience and new potential audiences. 

People who know about SEO know that keywords are a very big deal. This tool allows you to keep real-time tabs on keyword rankings in real-time. This is a great value addition to any publisher or anyone who relies on SEO to make sales and conversions. 

Besides, making strategically sound but aggressive business decisions could be a great strategy when all of your competitors are being cautious. 

In conclusion, the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused major problems for various industries. Brands and companies have to be disruptive and think creatively now more than ever if they want to thrive, not only survive. With so many changes taking place in the world, the best strategy is to think long-term and think strategically instead of deliberating over short-term wins.

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