Does Google Think Your Website is Plagiarized?

Does Google Think Your Website is Plagiarized?

Google is known for its tough stance on plagiarism and how much any amount of it can decrease your rankings in the search engine’s results. This isn’t just due to the ethics of plagiarized content, it’s also a smart business decision especially in 2019. After all, if you were frantically Googling for a research paper the night before it was due (not speaking from personal experience here), wouldn’t you be frustrated if all of the top 3 results were the same information, just moved around a bit?

Unfortunately, this copying and pasting of content is not a rare phenomenon online. If you really look for it, you can find dozens of copies of the top search results on Google, on other sites. This can be either in verbatim, or very obviously rephrased from someone else’s original work without credit. Both, but especially the former can land you in trouble legally. This ultimately means lowered traffic through both links, the plagiarized, and the one plagiarized from.


So how can you tell if Google will think something is plagiarized? Well, this is upsetting, but lower cost, templated websites are the ones profiled for. This is because sites prone to plagiarizing often have the same minimal effort put into the design of it as the content. While it does make it more difficult for the honest site runners on a budget, there seems to be no way around it.

We can only recommend that you splurge a little for a nicer website, because this can make a huge difference in how much the search engine gods favor it, and in turn, the traffic you receive from them.

There are also several free and paid for plagiarism checkers you can find online, however, we do recommend paying for one so you can be sure of the results. Copyscape in particular is a good one; at the press of a button it can check your content against all of the internet and show you matches as small as 7 words in length.

If you have the money, which isn’t usually much, hiring copywriting services are a great way to go. Many online writing services will provide you original, SEO content.

A website built specifically for you, with content that has passed a well-reputed plagiarism checker, both of which have had SEO tricks implemented into them, is the best and frankly only route you can take to get on Google’s good side.


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