Long-Form Content To Produce Higher Search Rankings

Long-Form Content To Produce Higher Search Rankings

We typically believe that no one likes to read long content. Shockingly, this is quite far from true. Content consumers love long-form content for a number of reasons. A big reason is that long-form content is more likely to appear higher in search rankings.

Wondering how long-form content leads to higher search rankings? Before you get confused, you should know that Google doesn’t just rank articles by simply counting the number of words. However, long content and higher position in search ranking share a correlation between them. 

Essentially, the factors that result in long-term content reaching higher rankings in search results are the higher availability of backlinks, greater social site sharing and attracting more traffic. We will share some. Read ahead to gain more insights into these factors.

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1. Long Long-Form Content Gets More Traffic

Before getting started, let’s be clear about what long-form content is. Long content usually refers to an article with more than 1200 words. Content consumers are always drawn to long content oftentimes. That is perhaps because it is more convenient and easier to learn every aspect of a subject from a good website with all the relevant information rather than having to jump to five different websites.

There is no doubt that because of the presence of more information in one place, viewers feel convinced to check out long content more often. For instance, if you see two links that say “20 yummy recipes with potatoes” and “5 yummy recipes with potatoes”; you are more likely to go with the first link where you can get more information at a glimpse.

Again, viewers also appreciate long-form content because they are more comprehensive than short-form content. Long-form content breaks down all the ins and outs of their main subject, whereas, short content only provides the main idea in a very concise manner. It can be difficult for some viewers to understand the full picture by viewing the main statements alone. That is why, in general, web users are drawn to check out the long-form content that comes with explicit explanations.

Long-form content also ascertains that the author has a good command on that subject, so the reader feels sure that they are getting to get accurate information from the content. Beside, long-form contents are usually well well-formatted, which helps the viewer to scan it easily. Consequently, long content gets more traffic than any shorter alternatives, which ultimately helps long-form contents to place in a higher rank in search results.

2. Long Long-Form Content Generates A Higher Conversion Rate.

Yes, long-form content indeed generates a higher conversion rate compared to any short-form content. This is because, that is a long content provides the sellers a chance to specify all the features and services of a particular product, which convinces a large number of consumers to read that content.

Every single consumer has a unique perception of what they consider ideal goods and services, and according to that, they look for different information while purchasing any product. Therefore, only the expiration date or product price may not satisfy all types of customers.

For instance, when buying a shampoo many consumers look for the ingredients with which it was made while many consumers look for its benefits; a few search for its using methods too. So, only a long-form review of a product or service that comes  with all the perks and specifications can persuade consumers to purchase.

Furthermore, customers can enjoy the leverage of skimming through a long-form content quickly and deciding if he/she wants to buy it without wasting much time on it. Besides, long-form content confirms the authenticity of a product. As a result, consumers can rely on the content, which, again, increases the purchase rate.

3. Long Long-Form Content Gets More Backlinks

Getting backlinks entirely depends on the link creator’s preferences. They want to provide links to the contents that offer a heap of knowledge, comprehensive ideas, and information.

They search for the most comprehensive pieces of content that are likely to gain a large number of viewers. Afterward, they add their created backlinks to that content. From the above discussion, you already know long-form content considered to be much more comprehensive than short-form content. This implies that a long content explicitly elucidates all the aspects of a certain topic that viewers look for.

When a web user finds such sweeping content, he or she is less likely to flee to any other site. This supposedly encourages the backlink creators to choose long content. And so, as link creators tend to add backlinks to long-form content, these backlinks avail abilities contribute greatly to the higher position in search rankings.

4. Long-Form Content Gets More Social Shares.

Tim Robberts

It might seem that even if viewers like to read long-form content, they do not tend to share it on social sites. The reality is the opposite. The relation between content length and social share is largely similar to the relation between backlinks and content length. Web users, more specifically the social site users, and the link creators both, value the same thing.

They prefer to read as well as share organized and comprehensively detailed content. Furthermore, long content more likely to be well-formatted, which makes it easier for a reader to grasp the key concepts at a glance. Thus, many social site users tend to share long-term content to take advantage of this opportunity. Consequently, such high shares brings long-form content to a higher-ranking position in SEO.

In conclusion, you should consider sharing long content to reach a large audience of web users. Long-form content contains all of the required information in one place, and so, it is able to draw more traffic, higher conversion, more backlinks and thus, more shares as well. So, it is definitely more effective at reaching your target audience!

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