Importance of Images in a Blog
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Importance of Images in a Blog

A good blog post does not just contain words; it should be a multimedia presentation. For that, accompanying images are very helpful. But why are they important?

1. A more professional look

The use of images and graphics will make a blog post seem more professional.

2. Visually pleasing

A blog post will look mundane if it consists of just words. A blog post is brought to life when it has images related to the subject matter.

3. More shares on social media sites

It is hard to find something creative amongst a sea of content on social media. Chances are that most people would only click on an article if it has an eye-catching picture along with the headline.  A creative image does much to increase engagement on a blog post.

4. Longer articles

A simple picture is sometimes enough to get your point across without having to write huge paragraphs. Images help make an article visually longer and sometimes readers like to go more through the images instead of choosing to read overly long writings.

5. Explaining points

Images are important to explain certain points in an article that are difficult for the reader to understand. Images can serve as examples to simplify something, such as how to run a certain code or how to install a game on a computer.

6. Breaking up the paragraphs

Images can act as subheadings and assist in elaborating different points in an article. This allows better structuring and makes the article more readable.

7.  SEO rankings

Certain keywords and alt tags on attached images will help bring in more traffic on your blog posts. When a post contains more images, it has better rankings and appears higher on search engine results.

8. To support the purpose of the article

Sometimes, an image can help an article achieve its purpose. For example, images of fresh graduates would be fitting in an article about how to survive university.

9. Customized designs

Creating your own designs and customizing your own blog would let the readers know that you are different in a pool of up-and-coming bloggers and that you have a more diverse skill set. This may prove to be especially handy if you try to do business related to blogging.

10. Making an impact

The right picture with the blog post would make an impression in the readers’ minds and make sure that it is unforgettable.

All in all, the use of images is a secret tool that would make your blogging experience much more fulfilling.


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