How Many Blog Posts Does It Take to See Exponential Traffic Growth?
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How Many Blog Posts Does It Take to See Exponential Traffic Growth?

Whether you’re a businessman or just an individual, if you’re the proud owner of a blog, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ve asked yourself at least once about how many blog posts or how much time it may take for you to gain a good amount of traffic. Today, it will be our responsibility to answer that question for you.

We obviously can’t assure you that you’ll find immense traffic growth after a finite number of blog posts because traffic growth depends on a multitude of factors. But if you follow some of our guidelines, it’s expected that you’ll find exponential traffic growth sooner than average bloggers do.

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Be Active: Spend Time on Your Website

Firstly, it’s no secret that Google’s algorithm favors consistency so it’s crucial to have a schedule for your uploads, whether it is daily, weekly or even monthly. And it goes without saying that you need to maintain the quality of your content. Make sure that your posts seem unique, digestible and interesting to the average reader. After a certain time, you’ll then be able to figure out which demographic your audience mostly belongs to through analytics or other means. This will help you to better cater your content towards that demographic and thus, amplify your traffic growth.

Be Active: Build and Engage with your Social Media Followers

We can’t deny that we live in the age of social media so a blog that’s properly marketed in social media platforms is highly likely to outrank one that isn’t. Social media’s popularity also means that your audience is likely to have the attention span of about 7 seconds. Therefore, it would be helpful if your blog posts have eye-catching features (preferably at the beginning). However, this does not mean that you should abandon your integrity and resort to falsely click baiting your audience, though that is an alternative many people have chosen. It’s also quite crucial to have your website integrated to your blog through whatever means necessary.

Be Active: Keep Tabs on your Competitors

Keeping tabs on your competitors may prove to be quite helpful as well. Observing their ways of gaining and keeping their audience may teach you valuable lessons. But if you’re a pioneer in your field of blog writing, it’s safe to say that you’ll gain traffic as long as you maintain the quality of your content and do so consistently.

Be Active: Consistency and Persistence

If you’re a passionate writer and offer unique and informative content to your audience, it won’t be too long until you reach the tipping point and start catering to a substantial follower base.


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